2016 Western Australia Infrastructure Sustainability Conference - ISCouncil
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2016 Western Australia Infrastructure Sustainability Conference

2016 Western Australia Infrastructure Sustainability Conference

Don Aitken Centre, East Perth, WA | Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Western Infrastructure Sustainability Conference showcased WA’s sustainability leaders and was a platform for international subject experts to share their knowledge. All industry stakeholders were invited to learn from and engage with industry leaders on key trends, developments and the future of infrastructure sustainability for Western Australia.

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0900 Welcome to Country

Rev. Sealin Garlett

0910 Welcome and ISCA update

Antony Sprigg | CEO | ISCA

0930 Getting a Social Licence for Sustainable Infrastructure

Robert Boutilier | President | Stakeholder 360

Even with technically correct sustainability features and general public support, infrastructure projects often face opposition from stakeholders. The social licence is the support of stakeholders for an organisation’s activities. Dr Boutilier explains the levels of social licence, techniques for quantifying stakeholder concerns, and strategies for raising the social licence level.

1000 Main Roads – meeting challenges ahead

Steve Troughton | Managing Director | Main Roads Western Australia

Main Roads is responding to changes in technology and the fiscal climate with a range of sustainability initiatives that will position it for the future.

1030 Gateway WA IS rating presentation

ISCA CEO, Antony Sprigg will present the Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project Team with an ‘Excellent’ IS As Built rating.

1040 Morning Tea

1100 Addresses from Shadow Ministers for Planning; Transport; Infrastructure and Environment; Climate Change

Rita Saffioti MLA | Shadow Minister for Planning; Transport; Infrastructure

Chris Tallentire MLA | Shadow Minister for Environment; Climate Change | Western Australian Parliament Member for Gosnells

1130 Gateway WA

Amy Elkington | Environment and Sustainability Manager | Gateway WA / GHD

Sustainable design and construction was a key component of the delivery of the State’s largest infrastructure project to date, the Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project. Now having reached practical completion, the sustainability efforts put in place from the start have now been realised. Amy Elkington will present on the achievements and lessons learnt which lead to Gateway WA achieving an ‘Excellent’ IS As Built rating.

1150 Building our sustainability culture on the Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project

Catherine Clarke | Alliance Management Team Stakeholder Design Coordinator | Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Alliance

The presentation will focus on the creation of a brand for sustainability on this multi-disciplinary project and how the ISCA rating tool is being translated into ‘plain English’ to ensure that every person working on the project has an understanding of what sustainability on our project means and has an involvement in achieving our sustainability targets.

1210 Sustainable infrastructure solutions – outcome focused operations & maintenance

Graham Widger | Director of Operations and Maintenance | AECOM

Infrastructure owners are recognising the benefits of less prescriptive ways of delivering projects, and shifting focus towards desired outcomes. There is now a need to take further guesswork out of infrastructure life expectancy and introduce greater emphasis on innovation and sustainability, ultimately delivering benefits aligned with the IS rating scheme.

1230 Lunch

1315 IS rating scheme version 1.2

Jessica Cairns | Case Manager | ISCA

The IS rating scheme has been improved through a number of amendments that increase efficiency and sustainability value. Version 1.2 reduces the effort and evidence burden on assessors focusing effort towards driving improved outcomes. IS v1.2 will be effective for all IS ratings registering from 4 May 2016 and optional for existing ratings.

1400 IS Materials Working Group Update

Ross Davies | National Sustainability Manager | BlueScope

Ross is the Chairman of the Materials Working Group and will be explaining revisions to the IS Materials Calculator, updates to the IS Materials Guideline and the inclusion of EPD’s into Mat-2. As well as explaining the changes Ross will also discuss implications for IS users.

1420 A Review of Sustainability Integration into Construction Stage Procurement

Great Northern Highway Upgrade Stage 2 – Muchea to Wubin

Lara Mist | Sustainability Lead Great Northern Highway Upgrade Stage 2 – Muchea to Wubin | Arup Jacobs Joint Venture (ASJV) and Jacobs

Louis Bettini | Principal Advisor Sustainability| Main Roads Western Australia

The context of the Great Northern Highway Upgrade Stage 2 – Muchea to Wubin (GNH) program delivery model will be reviewed as a basis for informing both the program IS rating application and the program approach for incorporating sustainability requirements into construction contracts.

The method and key considerations applied to identify a preferred procurement model will be discussed, along with key procurement opportunities that have been identified through the GNH program.

1440 Afternoon Tea

1500 Address from Parliamentary Secretary – Transport

Hon Jim Chown MLC | Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture and Food; Transport

Government’s plan for transport infrastructure construction and maintenance. Government’s commitment to productive, liveable and sustainable industries and communities.

1515 Integrating sustainability in design

Claire Hodgson | Environmental Consultant | Arcadis

Lara Mist | Sustainability Lead Great Northern Highway Upgrade Stage 2 – Muchea to Wubin | Arup Jacobs Joint Venture (ASJV) and Jacobs

This is your chance to learn about and influence the incorporation of sustainability early in project design and procurement! This interactive session will be facilitated by the ISCA Sustainability in Design Working Group. The output from this session will inform their current program of works relating to integrating sustainability into design, integrating sustainability into infrastructure procurement, how the impacts of sustainable design on the business case and education of how to incorporate sustainability into design of infrastructure projects.

1600 Be part of the solution in WA!

Janine Barrow | Technical Director Sustainability | Jacobs

This interactive session will give attendees the opportunity to change the legacy WA infrastructure will leave on future generations by improving sustainability today! Collectively attendees and members of the ISCA WA Working Group will identify barriers and actions to realising more sustainable practices in Western Australia. The output from this session will inform the WA Working Groups program for 2016 and beyond.

1650 Conference summary and closing remarks

Hayley Jarick | Membership and Marketing Manager | ISCA

1700 Conference close

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