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ISCA Updates: Everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Question

Why are we working remotely?
The safety of our team and our community is important to us, which is why we’re following the advice provided by Australian Government’s Chief Medical Officer and New Zealand Ministry of Health to do our bit to help flatten the curve and practice social distancing.

How long will ISCA implement the social distancing/ digital connections?
Like you, ISCA will continue to monitor COVID 19 closely and follow the expert advice from the Australian and New Zealand Governments. We will be pro-active with our communication and as soon as the situation changes, we will let our valued stakeholders know.

What does that mean for meetings and events?
​ISCA will continue to connect and engage with you digitally. Most scheduled meetings will go ahead, and events are being planned as far as possible to be held via video conferencing. Please get in touch with our Engagement team for more details via

What about Training?
ISCA’s most popular training course Infrastructure Sustainability for Professionals will be delivered online. We are also transforming other courses to be offered digitally as well. With more businesses working remotely, what better use of the time you save not commuting, than upskilling with ISCA’s online course offering. Please get in touch with our training team for more details via

What about Ratings?
ISCA will continue to support rating projects with all face-to-face interactions occurring via video conferencing. We will maintain our service, we’re only changing the method in which we connect.

How we will we contact ISCA?
The ISCA office phone will be diverted so we are still readily available to help you out. You can contact all your favourite ISCA staff members via their mobiles, email, Microsoft Teams accounts and through LinkedIn

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