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Bingo provides end-to-end environmental and waste management solutions across the waste management supply chain. Our vision is to see a waste-free Australia – our goal is to support governments, communities and businesses in achieving this through providing innovative recycling and resource recovery solutions. We are the industry leader in sustainable waste management solutions, operating one of the largest networks of strategically located resource recovery and recycling facilities around New South Wales and Victoria. Our network of trucks, bins, resource recovery facilities and waste management assets ensure we are helping to reduce the cost of waste disposal and its impact on the environment. “We believe Bingo has a crucial role to play in Australia’s move to a circular economy. The waste produced from the construction, demolition or refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure accounts for a large percentage of Australia’s waste. Our aim is to take this waste and reprocesses it, to be reused to build the infrastructure projects of tomorrow’s cities. Our involvement in ISCA, provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with infrastructure stakeholders to divert waste from landfill. Together, we can achieve a material flow which returns as much as possible back into the building life cycle.” Daniel Tartak, Managing Director and CEO, Bingo Industries