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Fibercon are leaders in the field of fibre reinforced concrete. Established 28 years ago, the team at Fibercon is passionate about the need for sustainable infrastructure and the growing waste plastics problem. Developing eMesh is a real solution that addresses both these issues. At Fibercon they can design and sustainability optimize your concrete pavement projects, increase asset life and reduce costs as well as reducing the pavements environmental footprint by over 90% by replacing steel mesh reinforcement with eMesh recycled plastic fibres. Fibercon have focused on Research and Development for 25 years and bringing that research to market as a commercial product eMesh. With a team that has over 30 years of experience in designing concrete pavements your project will benefit from the Fibercon approach to sustainable, simple and practical design. They aim to exceed the client’s expectations and have a proven, established track record of doing so. This is not a theory, many kilometers of cycleways, carparks, drains and infrastructure assets have been completed for State Governments, Councils and Developers using eMesh. The Fibercon team are active members of the Concrete Institute and sit on standards committees for AS5100 and AS3600 as well as being members of ISCA, ISCP, MFSA, ASCP, ASTM, MIPENZ and Eng. Aust "eMesh 100% recycled macro plastic fibres for reinforced concrete have been a passion for Fibercon for over 6 years. We have been bitterly disappointed to see the extent of Green Washing that has occurred in the market and the outright misleading information about so called ‘Green Products’. First of all we discovered EPD’s and we were heartened, when we discovered ISCA we could see a conduit and merit based group that had the right fit and the authenticity we were looking for to be able to work together."