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BINGO Eco Product


  • Product Type Aggregates, Waste Management and Recycling
  • Regions Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria



  • Company Name Bingo Industries
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Lan-3 , Mat-1 , Pro-1 , Pro-2 , Pro-3 , Pro-4


BINGO Industries is one of Australia’s leading recycling and waste management companies, providing end-to-end solutions across the waste management supply chain including collection, processing, separation and recycling. BINGO also manufactures its own range recycled products.

Our competitively priced, 100% recycled Eco Product range is manufactured from the materials collected at our recycling centres and features a range of high-quality building and landscaping supplies.

BINGO’s Eco Product Range includes:

Our 100% recycled aggregate products have a wide range of applications – from bedding material for pipes, decorating pathways and garden beds, to large rubble that can be used for backfilling retaining walls. All products can be delivered in Bulka Bags for easy transportation.

Sand and Roadbase
Our sand and roadbase products are 100% recycled and have a wide range of applications. From pipe bedding and trench filling to paving roads, car parks and driveways. All products meet Roads and Maritime Services specifications and can be delivered in Bulka Bags for easy transportation and meet NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) specifications.

Our range of natural, 100% recycled mulch looks great in any garden and can be used for moisture retention and weed suppression. The mulch is most effective when laying a depth of 50 – 100 millimeters. All products can be delivered in Bulka Bags for easy transportation.

Sustainability Outcomes

BINGO’s vision is for a waste free Australia, where materials are recovered and transformed into a valuable resource. Our Eco Product range is closing the resource loop, preventing materials from going to landfill, reducing emissions and helping to build a circular economy.

Talk to BINGO’s friendly customer service team today, to see how we might be able to help you achieve your Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Procurement credits under ISv2.0 and Emissions, Pollution and Waste credits under ISv.12.

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