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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Lan-4


Triton Stormwater Systems are a range of sub terranium chamber management systems providing infiltration, retention, detention and conveyance designed to improve the management of stormwater. Manufactured from a renewable soy resin with Carbon Neutral Certification the next generation design allows for significant reduction in drainage aggregate and additional resources.
The unique design of the Triton Vault system means the possible configurations are practically endless, and the designer can build the system to fit the most challenging of sites, with the square footprint vault units able to stack together around almost any obstacle a site can throw at the designer.
In addition to the strength, versatility and environmental credentials of the Vault system, the unique configuration also greatly increases the maintainability of the system. With almost unrestricted access to the inside of the vaults, inspection and cleaning is much more viable and economical. Combined with the ability to isolate chambers with internal cut off walls to create an internal sediment drop out zone with a smooth floor for enhanced cleaning, the Triton Vault successfully addresses what is likely the biggest challenge facing the stormwater engineer, that is ensuring a serviceable life of the system well into the future.

Sustainability Outcomes

Manufactured from a Soy Resin, the “Triton Stormwater Chamber System” can contribute up to 16 LEED Points with the US Green Building Council).
Using Triton Stormwater Systems on your site may help you achieve credits as per the following:

Version 1.2
Dis-1 Receiving Water Quality
Lan-4 Flooding

Version 2.0
Con-1 Urban and Landscape Design (as part of the Urban and Landscape Plan)
Res-2 Climate and Natural Hazard Risk (as a potential treatment option)
Gre-1 Green Infrastructure
Env-1 Receiving Water Quality
Rso-1 Resource Strategy Development

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