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COLORBOND® steel – Pre-painted aluminium, zinc, magnesium alloy coated steel for roofing and cladding applications


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Mat-1 , Mat-2 , Pro-2 , Pro-4 , Was-1 , Was-2 , Was-3


BlueScope manufactures a range of steel products using an integrated steelmaking process that combines raw and recycled materials to produce steel slab as the basis for the product range.

BlueScope is a founding member of ResponsibleSteel™, an international organisation established to improve the transparency of steel product supply chains. BlueScope is also a Climate Action Member of the World Steel Association (worldsteel) and a leading member and sponsor of the Australian Steel Stewardship Forum. BlueScope’s Australian operations are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

BlueScope’s Responsible Sourcing Standard has been designed to ensure sustainable sourcing practices that aim to create, protect and grow long-term environmental, social and economic value for all those involved in bringing BlueScope’s products and services to market.

The integrated nature of BlueScope’s supply chain, supported by BlueScope’s commitment to continuous improvement and pride in its role as a good corporate citizen, provides peace of mind to customers that they can depend on quality steel products. This is further enhanced by BlueScope’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) covering several of their structural steel and COLORBOND® steel products.

Sustainability Outcomes

BlueScope’s EPDs cover formable steel products such as COLORBOND® steel products, which may help your project achieve points under the Environment/Sustainability Labelled Products credits ISv2.0 Rso-7 and ISV1.2 Mat-2. BlueScope’s product EPDs are integrated with the ISv2.0 Materials Calculator, providing accurate data which may help you to achieve the ISv2.0 Rso-6 credit.

BlueScope’s approach to sustainability is underpinned by the values and principles described in Our Bond and Guide to Business Conduct supported by a suite of policies and standards and our Sustainability Report, which may contribute to Sustainable Procurement credits ISv2.0 Spr-2 and Spr-3, and ISv1.2 Pro-2 and Pro-4.

BlueScope works closely with its customers to create value and trust, together with quality products, service and ideas. Through early engagement, BlueScope can help to identify the best BlueScope products and approach for your project to minimise environmental impact and provide inputs to support options assessment and life-cycle costing as well as identifying opportunities for innovation. This may contribute to credits including ISv2.0 Ecn-1, Ecn-4, Rso-4, Rso-5, and Inn-1.

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