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EnviroSieve Dewatering Solutions


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EnviroSieve dewatering tubes are manufactured from a high flow woven geotextile, and are used in a wide range of dewatering operations from civil and construction through to municipal wastewater applications.
The dewatering tubes allow for the retention and dewatering sediment and sludge allowing the clean water to filter through the tubes. The filtrate water is often returned into the source pond or released depending on the consent conditions.

Cirtex® fabricate the EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes in New Zealand allowing a great deal of flexibility around the sizing, inlet port, tie hook type and spacing while maintaining very fast delivery of a tube that meets your exact requirements.

EnviroSieve Dewatering Tubes are available in a high flow and standard flow geotextile option. The high flow option is manufactured from a special mono/multifilament woven geotextile designed to provide high flow through the fabric while still filtering the fine particles. This allows more water to be pumped through the tubes in a shorter period and a higher solids content to be achieved in the tubes in a shorter period. The EnviroSieve standard flow tubes provide a cost-effective and yet effective option when the speed of dewatering in not so critical.

Sustainability Outcomes

EnviroSieve dewatering tubes are designed to optimise overall efficiencies in commercial dewatering and water treatment opertations.

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