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MagnumStone concrete retaining walls are a fully designed, engineered, tested and proven system. Our retaining blocks are wet cast, which provides stronger durability than dry-cast machine-made options, plus they’re hollow-core, which allows for superior drainage, lighter weight, and lower shipping and raw material costs. These large concrete blocks are ideal for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and large-scale retaining wall applications. MagnumStone’s comprehensive solution makes the permit process a breeze by providing all of the required testing data and specs for engineers, greatly minimizing potential delays.
MagnumStone’s hollow core design offers many benefits and superior drainage while the 5,000-PSI concrete provides high strength, low absorption and great freeze-thaw durability. The lightweight 1,400 lbs (635 Kg) large concrete blocks mean installers are able to use smaller equipment and ship retaining blocks to the job site more cost-effectively.

Sustainability Outcomes

When comparing to solid blocks the MagnumStone retaining wall blocks can save up to 40% concrete. Taking away all of that concrete means that you don’t need to ship that concrete to site. The blocks themselves are a full 8 sq ft (0.745 sq m) of face. When comparing this to a lot of other big block systems is increases the face sq (sq m) footage by over 40% and also significantly reducing assembly time. The hollow core of the Magnumstone system allows for plantable walls creating awesome aethetics and reducing the heat island effect.

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