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Resilience Planning


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Edge has a strong track record of delivering projects in climate change risk, adaptation, and wider resilience. Our projects range from the development of resilience plans for individual infrastructure projects, through to the development of climate risk assessments and adaptation plans covering entire asset portfolios, businesses, cities, and regions.

Within the IS framework, we offer a range of climate risk, adaptation, and resilience services. This includes the development of project-specific resilience plans and consultation with key stakeholders. Our analysis and advice draw on a wide array of previous projects across many industries, including property, rail, roads, agriculture, and the public sector, allowing us to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

Sustainability Outcomes

Planning for the development of resilience has never been more critical as the impacts of climate change unfold across Australia. Infrastructure’s long (100+ years) service life means that planning and designing for future resilience is particularly important, helping to ensure that assets’ value is maintained and that society remains protected over time.

Our climate risk, adaptation, and resilience services are intended to support clients targeting credits under the Resilience category within ISv2.0 Res-1, including the completion of related credit summary forms. The Resilience category can also be targeted as an Innovation Challenge in ISv1.2. For more information on what Innovation Challenges can offer your project, please visit the ISCA website.

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