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Water Demand and Supply Assessment


  • Product Type Consultancy, Project Management Services
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  • Company Name Edge Environment
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Wat-1 , Wat-2


Alongside our general infrastructure sustainability expertise, Edge also offer specialist water modelling services. Our experience ranges from water modelling and reporting for individual infrastructure assets, through to the development of detailed water-saving and management strategies for companies and regions.

Within the IS framework, we offer a range of water modelling and analysis services. This includes potable and non-potable water modelling and reporting, through to the investigation and assessment of potential water use reduction opportunities. Our analysis draws on a wide array of previous infrastructure projects and initiatives, allowing us to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

Sustainability Outcomes

With potable water sources rapidly declining across much of Australia due to prolonged periods of widespread drought and climate change, it is now more important than ever to increase water efficiency and reduce waste. Infrastructure projects, as significant users of water resources, can play a vital role in that effort.

Our service offering within the water modelling and reporting space can assist clients targeting credits within the Water category as required in ISv2.0 Wat-1, Wat-2, and ISv1.2 Wat-1, Wat-2, including the development of base case proposals, water balances and completion of related credit summary forms. However, we also work in partnership with clients and their wider teams to undertake detailed assessments of strategic water use reduction opportunities.

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