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Arrilla is an Indigenous business providing cultural competency training to enable every sector, organisation and individual in the Australian workforce to be skilled and confident in working with Indigenous people and Indigenous projects.

Arrilla was formed in 1992 to promote better relations between Indigenous people and the wider community. By working with the government, private and community sectors Arrilla has enable mutual change through strong partnerships.

As a majority Aboriginal owned and operated organisation, Arrilla collaborates with some of the finest Indigenous talent across the nation. Arrilla works under a unique social business model to provide services to those that can afford them in order to provide services to those less able to pay. This builds toward Arrilla’s goal of providing more effective and practical ways of working together, now and into the future.


Jennifer Mar Young | Director Client Relationships
Arrilla Indigenous Consulting Pty Ltd
M:+61 (0)408 241 777  | T: 61 (0)2 9335 7325
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Tower Three
International Towers Sydney
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