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Australia’s activities in Antarctica, from scientific research through to logistics and transport, are coordinated through the Australian Antarctic Program.

The Program is highly collaborative, with partnerships across government and more than 150 national and international research institutions. Australia also works with other countries’ Antarctic programs to run joint international scientific and logistical operations.

Australia’s national interests and vision for future engagement in Antarctica are set out in the Australian Antarctic Strategy and 20 Year Action Plan. The Plan recognises Australia’s strong strategic and scientific interests in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and aims to build Australia’s role as a leader in the region.

Australia maintains three year-round research stations, Casey, Davis and Mawson and one on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island. Remote field bases operate during the summer research season, supporting coastal, inland and traverse operations.

The population at each station ranges between 40 and 100 expeditioners over summer, and 15 to 20 over the winter months. Each season more than 500 expeditioners travel south with the Australian Antarctic Program.

Each station is like a small town and we have a diverse and dedicated workforce. There’s station leaders, tradespeople, scientists, doctors, chefs and communications experts. We also have a team of people supporting our shipping and aviation activities. Expeditioners are supported by head office staff experienced in Antarctic policy, law, operations, medicine and science.