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eTool is a Perth-based software and engineering company which optimises sustainable design for the built environment using a scientifically rigorous methodology – life cycle assessment. Engineers Alex Bruce and Richard Haynes founded the company in 2010 on the foundation of a shared passion to help find a solution to the urgent issue of climate change.

Over the last five years, they have developed a globally unique software, eToolLCD, that allows architects, consultants, planners and developers to measure the environmental impact of a building or infrastructure design in tandem with the financial return of these major investments.

The property industry as a whole has undergone an extraordinary paradigm shift towards sustainability in recent years. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is now the international standard for measuring sustainability in the built form.

eTool has completed over 200 LCAs on a variety of projects including residential and commercial property development, offices, schools, airports and government projects. The aim of the software is to encourage sustainable design practices across the spectrum, from homeowners and builders through to government agencies and international community development projects, demonstrating that lowering our impact on the environment doesn’t have to increase costs or vastly change our lifestyle.


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