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At HydroPoint we are passionate about climate adaptation efforts, sustainability, and a circular and green economy. Our purpose is to eliminate plastic and water waste of bottled and filtered water. Traditional water options can be risky and unpredictable, while our water is safe, independent, and waste-free.

HydroPoint provides a measurable long-term solution of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) for Plastic Bottle waste.

With the technology available in the Smart Water Kiosk we are able to provide Environmental and Social systems to change habits and provide a real-time “plastic bottles saved” count for community engagement of measurability.

The Smart Water Kiosk is a circular economy model which offers a choice of still or sparkling water and reusable stainless-steel bottles which are embedded with RFID (Radio- frequency identification) contactless payment technology. The Kiosks are able to integrate with the existing council infrastructure.

Our Smart Water Kiosk is an environmental solution as it eliminates plastic bottle waste and the continual use of resources. We produce high-quality water with 0 contaminants, the purest, best tasting drinking water.
The Smart Water Kiosk is a modular system and allows further kiosks to be delivered at scale to
an infrastructure network.


Email:      support@hydropoint.com.au
Contact:  +61 1300870750
Website:  www.smartwaterkiosk.com.au