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Lumus’ primary objective is to enhance economic wealth and wellbeing for organisations and local communities through infrastructure delivery. Organisations with sustainability at their core tend to excel across a wide range of strategic performance areas due to the spill-over effect of sustainability. Our training and support services help organisations understand why sustainability is the ideal catalyst for performance improvement and, secondly, facilitate change backed by a robust economic business case. Our focus lies in organisational and sector-wide change, complementing ISC ratings, which mainly concentrate on infrastructure assets.

As infrastructure programmes involve a network of organisations and teams, sustainability is an ideal common driver to gain collaboration, performance improvement and wellbeing across all stakeholders. With 20 years of experience working with the United Nations, major infrastructure investment programmes, and sector initiatives, our focus covers individual infrastructure programmes as well as large-scale transformations. We partner with a network of internal champions and support organisations to provide scalability for more extensive programmes.

Lumus was established at an international level to foster collaboration and integration throughout the infrastructure supply chain. Through our experience with national infrastructure programmes and conducting around 30,000 organisational performance assessments, we have identified sustainability as the ideal catalyst to expedite change. By collaborating closely with the ISC community, we aim to contribute to delivering positive transformation for participating organisations and communities.