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RPS was founded in 1970 by a passionate team of academics in Oxfordshire. They shared a dream of creating an environmental planning practice dedicated to making the world a better place.

RPS played a leading role in raising awareness on the importance of balance to protect the environment itself and the welfare of the people living in it.

We work across six sectors: property, energy, transport, water, resources, defence and government services. Our services span twelve clusters: project and program management; design and development; water services; environment; advisory and management consulting; exploration and development; planning and approvals; health, safety and risk; oceans and coastal; laboratories; training and communication and creative services.

Today, tomorrow and together our founders’ principles remain at our core where we continue to find unexpected answers to shape our environmental, social and economic landscapes.


Kapil Kulkarni
NSW Lead – Economics

P: +61 2 8099 3200

E:  kapil.kulkarni@rpsgroup.com.au