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Infrastructure is vital. We rely on it for access to clean & safe drinking water, for transport, connecting individuals, families & businesses and a prosperous economy.

By nature, infrastructure is long lived and resource intensive. Accordingly, it should be planned, designed, constructed and operated to meet the needs of communities without harming the planet. That’s why infrastructure sustainability matters and that’s why thinkstep joined ISCA – to help ISCA fulfil our vision of a sustainable built environment.

At thinkstep we’re not infrastructure contractors or engineering consultants. Our expertise is in sustainable strategy development and Life Cycle Assessment; understanding the impacts of products and services and supporting innovation to reduce impacts while improving outcomes. We enable projects and organisations to succeed sustainably.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes IS Accredited Professionals, Australasian EPD Programme verifiers and Certified LCA practitioners.

We professionally support ISCA projects and their suppliers from planning to operation:

  • Materiality Assessment for ISCA projects and organisations
  • Development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
  • Life Cycle Assessment studies of ISCA projects and materials
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Align projects and organisational strategy with the UN Global Goals (SDGs)
  • Carbon Reporting and setting of science-based targets
  • Provision of sustainability reporting software (SoFi) and emission factors
  • LCA training
  • LCA software GaBi

thinkstep provides solutions for 2,500 organisations across all industries in Australasia and worldwide, including ISCA members such as BlueScope, Downer, Galvanizers Association of Australia, Lendlease, Liberty OneSteel.



Australia: +61 2 8007 5201

New Zealand: +64 7 808 0701