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Watercare is a council controlled organisation, wholly owned by the Auckland Council, statutorily responsible for the provision of water and wastewater services to around 1.4 million people in the Auckland region and bulk services for Papakura. 

Every day it treats and delivers 4 million litres of water to Aucklanders and treats around 392 million litres of wastewater. Water is drawn from 27 water sources throughout the region (including dams in the Hunua & Waitakere Ranges, underground aquifers and the Waikato, Mahurangi & Hoteo Rivers). Watercare treats that water at 15 water treatment plants and delivers it to homes and businesses across the region. It also collects, treats and disposes of wastewater (and tradewaste) at 18 wastewater treatment plants (including its Mangere and Rosedale plants).  

Watercare recently released its climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy and its 40/20/20 vision to achieve for a 40% reduction in infrastructure carbon, a 20% reduction in costs and 20% year on year improvement in health and safety outcomes by 2024.  They are also working towards goals for their two largest wastewater treatment plants (Mangere & Rosedale) aiming to become energy neutral by 2025 and to reduce operational GHG emissions by 45%  by the year 2030. They are immensely proud to be setting ambitious targets for both their capital infrastructure and the operational processes associated with delivering Aa-grade water and wastewater services.

A decision was made, consistent with that ethos, to join ISCA alongside other council family members and pilot the IS rating tool on the Central Interceptor (CI) Project – a 13 km long wastewater tunnel that will help clean up combined wastewater and stormwater overflows in Auckland’s waterways, replace a section of ageing infrastructure, and provide capacity for growth in an ever expanding city. Sustainability is one of the core values on Central Interceptor which is Watercare’s largest infrastructure project.


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