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Canberra Metro

Project Details

  • Project Owner: John Holland and CPB Contractors
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: ACT
  • Stakeholders:


The IS Rating process has been extremely beneficial for the Light Rail and Transport Canberra. It has provided insight into to national best practice and a benchmarking opportunity against other national infrastructure projects. “The rigours of undertaking the rating process has highlighted the project’s alignment on a number of key aspects of the Territory’s sustainability agenda. “It also provides validation of the project’s direction and a rationale for some modification within the project’s life cycle,

This project by John Holland and CPB Contractors received an 'Excellent' Design v1.2 IS Rating.

The first stage of a new light rail in Australia's Capital connecting Gungahlin and the City, consisting of 12km of light rail track, 13 stops, light rail vehicles, and a depot to be operated and maintained by Canberra Metro for 20 years.


Rating Highlights

  • Innovation Reducing water usage with the application of a polymer as a soil bonding agent and dust suppression has been recognised as an Australian first.
  • Energy Development of an energy strategy that optimises energy efficiency in operations, installs solar panels on the Mitchell depot roof and achieves zero emissions running supported by the ACT Government reaching its Renewable Energy Target of 100% by 2020.
  • Climate change Risk assessment to inform the design, incorporating adaptation measures to mitigate the impacts and improve resilience to extreme climatic events.
  • Community and Health: Partnership with Canberra Business Chamber for the development of small local Canberra businesses as part of the project.


To find out more about this project visit the Transport Canberra website.

Or about the construction of the project visit the Canberra Metro Construction website.


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