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Darlington Upgrade Project

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Planning
  • Location: SA
  • Stakeholders:

This project by the Australian and State governments has registered for a Planning v1.1 IS Rating.


A $620 million project jointly funded by Australian (80%) and State (20%) governments as a key component of north-south corridor upgrade.

The Darlington Upgrade Project is another important stage in the delivery of Adelaide’s North-South Corridor and will deliver an upgrade of approximately 3.3 kilometres of the existing Main South Road, including:

  1. A non-stop motorway between the Southern Expressway and Tonsley Boulevard
  2. A lowered, non-stop motorway passing underneath Flinders Drive, Sturt Road, Sutton Road/Mimosa Terrace and Tonsley Boulevard
  3. Grade separation of the Main South Road/Ayliffes Road/Shepherds Hill Road intersection
  4. Main South Road (at grade) surface roads along both sides of the lowered motorway to provide connections to Flinders Drive, Sturt Road and most local roads
  5. Full free flow interchange at the Southern Expressway/Main South Road with dedicated ramps providing direct access to the new motorway and Main South Road.



To find out more about this project, visit the SA government website.

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