Speak at ISCA Connect – 2019 IS Annual Conference - ISCouncil

Speak at ISCA Connect – 2019 IS Annual Conference

Speak at ISCA Connect – the 2019 IS Annual Conference | Melbourne, 15-17 October

Do you want to speak at ISCA Connect? We’re looking for speakers from our network and beyond. The conference shaping up to be our biggest yet, and is a unique opportunity to address the IS Community. It’s an opportunity to share, learn and connect.

The Process

We’re keeping it simple – if you’d like to speak, or know somebody that should, have a look at the topics below, and write a SHORT abstract. This should outline what you’ll be talking about and why it’s a topic the Australasian IS industry would like to hear about. Attaching supplementary attachments is recommended – videos of you speaking at other events, PowerPoint presentations (or PDFs) in relation to your topic, or any existing publications.

All abstracts must contain a short speaker bio, and a high-resolution headshot, for marketing purposes.

Please send your abstracts to events@isca.org.au by 9th August.

Themes and Topics

The themes are the titles below, the future of transport, social sustainability, circular economy, carbon neutrality, regional investment in communities, implementing new materials in infrastructure projects, and the innovation and impacts workshop. The bullet points below them are suggested topics within these themes.

Day 1, 15th October, is Infrastructure Sustainability Practitioner’s day – a half day dedicated to our ISAP community, in which attendees gain insights into wins and challenges from projects from planning through to operations. As yet, we do not have any themes for this – but if you would like to share technical insights into your project, this is the section for you.

The Future of Transport

  • Driverless cars/ vehicles
  • Legislative bodies involved in law around new transport innovations
  • Alternative mobility technology (e.g. passenger drones)
  • Alternate fuel types (hydrogen, EVs)
  • Mobility apps (Uber, Lime, Whim)
  • Data/ Cyber Security

Social Sustainability

  • Modern Slavery early implementation
  • Indigenous empowerment
  • Community Engagement
  • Refugee empowerment
  • LGBTQI inclusion
  • Gender Equality

Circular Economy

  • Policy and procurement frameworks for Circular economy
  • The business case for Circular economy
  • Circular & lifecycle design (projects/organisations)
  • Collaboration to drive the Circular economy (specifically – how people collaborate with different business units in organisations to drive Circular outcomes)
  • Circular futures I: how technology can turbocharge the Circular economy
  • Circular futures II: how a Circular economy framework can re-shape how we think about the built environment

Climate Change/ Carbon Neutrality

  • Major orgs who have committed to a Carbon Neutral date
  • Infrastructure Projects who have excelled in climate change mitigation
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Climate Emergency

Regional Investment in Communities

  • Projects/ people/ orgs making a difference in rural communities
  • Drought relief
  • Local employment and skills development

Implementing New Materials into infrastructure Projects

  • Project Manager perspective
  • Engineering academic perspective
  • Client / agency perspective
  • A supplier perspective

Innovation & Impacts Workshop

  • Innovative materials and manufacturing
  • Digital and Data
  • Geopoylmer concrete
  • Biofuels/Hydrogen
  • Technology
  • BIM
  • Just about anything innovative – technology, processes, materials

IS Practitioner’s Day

  • Planning; Design; As Built; Operations
  • Project Innovations
  • Project overviews and updates
  • Successful project processes and implementation of the IS Rating
  • Cost-benefit analyses – the value of sustainability
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