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Update from ISCA CEO

CEO Update

Antony Sprigg, CEO

It has been 6 months since our last newsletter, a big gap I know.

The ISCA team has been focusing on delivering the new website with enhanced member benefits, the upcoming Gala Dinner and Awards Night and the inaugural Infrastructure Sustainability Conference, and importantly working very closely with the proponent side to support and encourage early consideration and registration of IS ratings.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Janice Nadew our new Marketing and Membership Manager. Janice has a significant CV in managing the membership and communications aspects for industry peak bodies in Australia and New Zealand. The appointment of Janice reflects ISCA’s commitment to our members and the delivery of member benefits.

To date a total of 26 projects/assets have registered for an IS Rating from across Australia and New Zealand. The capital value of the projects now exceeds $36B ranging from $6M to $12B in CAPEX, and representing almost all infrastructure and civil works asset classes and contract delivery types.

Almost all states and territories are now applying the IS rating Tool, with very exciting current registrations occurring in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Many of the IS registrations are occurring pre-project procurement (anywhere from masterplanning to the transaction management stage), with a number of delivery organisations mandating the requirement for IS ratings. In parallel we continue to see leading contractors pursuing IS Design, As-built and Asset Operations Ratings, including their clients on the journey.

In addition, ISCA in collaboration with industry, has commenced working on a number of new IS Tool development activities. These include the completion of the IS Workforce Theme scoping study and the securing of funding from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development for research and development of the IS Economics Theme.

Interest in IS has extended beyond Australia and New Zealand now. In the last 6 months we have been approached by a number of government procurement authorities from across the broader Southeast Asia region. We have used these conversations, often facilitated by Austrade, to promote those ISCA members located in the respective country.

ISCA is open to collaborating with leading public and private sector organisations in other countries to pilot the IS Tool and award IS pilot ratings and in parallel collaboratively determine how IS should be transformed for local conditions and benchmarks and adopted and promoted.

The sustained growth in IS registrations is complimented by the use and application of IS in non project/asset rating scenarios which is terrific as it reinforces the value of the original vision and the resultant broader benefits of the IS tool. IS is also used in infrastructure planning to complement options evaluation, informing pre-tender gateway processes used by contractors and informing internal corporate targets and reporting systems.

There is so much happening and I’m sure you would like to stay upto date. I would like to remind members to contact me directly if you would like me to meet and present to your executive team regarding infrastructure sustainability trends in industry nationally and internationally, the business drivers and opportunities for your organization.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing you at ISCA’s inaugural Gala Dinner and Awards Night and Infrastructure Sustainability Conference later in August of this year. This is a great opportunity for you to be at the forefront infrastructure sustainability and be on top of your game.

Antony Sprigg
+61 2 9252 9733
+61 414 454 723

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