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Case Study Emerging Young Leadership in Infrastructure

2019 Infrastructure Sustainability Awards Case Study  

Emerging Young Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award 

Jaclyn Fathers | Lendlease 

Jaclyn is a sustainability manager with Lendlease. She is a dedicated young professional who is passionate about sustainability within the infrastructure industry. Throughout her professional career, Jaclyn has displayed leadership beyond her years and a commitment to enhancing sustainable outcomes. She was seconded to ISCA for 6-months in 2018, where she was assigned a Case Manager role for WA. She has been an ISAP for 4 years.

Throughout her career, Jaclyn has displayed a deep passion and commitment to sustainability within the infrastructure sector. This commitment has extended beyond project-based sustainability outcomes to role-modelling and developing the next generations of sustainability leaders through her interactions with school and university STEM-based programs.

For Lendlease, Jaclyn has developed business procedures and an internal sustainability collaboration site so all sustainability personnel can share lessons learnt and promote cross-project collaboration. She is currently providing guidance to 12 IS Rated projects within Lendlease and supports 30 ISAPs across projects to enable sustainable outcomes.

Jaclyn demonstrates a high degree of focus on influence and personal development. Her work is commendable, as is her knowledge sharing, involvement in working groups, school volunteering and ability to mentor others.


Jaclyn is a skilled leadership trainer with the capacity to influence and advance industry-wide standards on sustainability and sustainability outcomes to a broad cross section of the community.” – Awards Judges