Women in Sustainable Construction - ISCouncil

We are thrilled to announce that the ISC has been selected as the proud recipient of a grant from the NSW government to champion and advance the NSW Women in Construction Strategy.

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The objective of the Women in Construction, Industry Innovation Program is to support industry initiatives that will encourage female participation and retention in the construction industry throughout the whole supply chain by: 

  • Increasing the number of women entering and staying in the industry; 
  • Supporting female leadership and female employees; and
  • Creating inclusive workplace cultures, including by improving employee wellbeing and supporting flexible working arrangements.

With women making up only 12% of the construction workforce, this funding will support a significant step forward in our collective commitment to promoting workforce diversity & inclusion, fostering leadership, and embracing sustainability within the construction industry.

Initiatives of the grant include

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Infrastructure Sustainability Skills, Careers & Pathways

The ISC will undertake research into the skills essential for professionals in the field of infrastructure sustainability. The ISC will survey, interview and host workshops to invite industry professionals to contribute to the research.

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Women in Sustainable Construction (WiSC) Leadership Mentoring Program​

The future of sustainable construction leadership is here, and together, we're building a stronger, more inclusive, and environmentally conscious industry. ​

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Workplace Culture Training​

A national training initiative combining the Construction Culture Standard with the IS Rating Scheme's Workforce Sustainability Category.

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