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The RISE Mentoring Program aims to:

  • Support the attraction and retention of sustainability professionals in leadership throughout the infrastructure industry.
  • Develop sustainability as a key capability of future infrastructure leaders through knowledge sharing and mentorship.

The program is also intended to give participants a better, more comprehensive viewpoint of sustainability. This is true for both Mentors and Mentees.

The RISE Mentoring Program is an important component for developing and sustaining satisfying professional careers of participants and matches Mentees seeking guidance and support with more experienced practitioners who are willing to commit time and energy to the professional development of another practitioner/sustainability professional.

A mentoring relationship can be a transformative experience for both the mentor and the mentee, inspiring personal and professional development for both parties. Participants in mentoring programs report a number of benefits from their participation including:

  • improved confidence and self-awareness,
  • clearer career direction,
  • better communication skills, and
  • enhanced leadership skills.

Who Can Apply?

To join as a Mentee, you must:

  • Commit to the schedule • Be employed at a current ISC member organisation • Contribute $250 AUD (+GST) to secure your place once matched • Have a minimum 2-years of full-time working experience • Have secured your employer’s agreement that you can participate as a Mentee.

To join as a Mentor, you must:

  • Commit to the structure and time of the program
  • Be employed at a current ISC member organisation
  • Have line management responsibilities, P&L responsibilities, PM responsibilities, etc.
  • Have a Minimum 4 years’ experience as a line manager/PM manager/etc (SQP classification)
  • Have a passion or interest in sustainability
RISE 23.1;


For Mentees

  • Explore issues and concerns in a supportive relationship
  • Experienced guidance and support in the sustainability infrastructure industry
  • Learn from the real-life experience of others
  • Explore your career development plan
  • Receive feedback and developmental guidance
  • Network and to learn about effective networking

For Mentors

  • Be recognised as a leader and use your years of experience to contribute back into the industry
  • Further enrich your mentoring and leadership skills
  • Gain intellectual challenges and new perspectives
  • Expand your professional network

This program is not about the Mentor finding a job for the Mentee or a guarantee of promotion.

RISE 2023;

What’s involved?

The RISE Mentoring Program is an 9-month program. Applications open in April 2024 and the program launches in June 2024.

Mentors and Mentees will be matched according to the details provided in the application and are required to attend three events – Program Launch, Program Progress Review and Program Close – all of which will be delivered via Webinar.

Both Mentees and Mentors will complete an online training module to help them prepare for their mentoring relationship.

During the program, Mentors and Mentees are expected to be in contact at least monthly. Participants will receive frequent communications from the Mentoring Program Manager with helpful tips and information about mentoring, and access to other relevant materials and resources.

For more information, you can access the Program Information Pack here or download a copy from the link below under ‘before you start’.


Hear Highlights from our mentors & mentees

Highlights from our mentors & mentees


My workload has been quite intense this year, so I was not able to participate in all the program events. I very much appreciated that this flexibility was fully accommodated for. The resources, documents and videos that were available to watch at any time were very useful for me, thank you.

Saskia Lee, West Gate Tunnel Project, CPBJH J

Someone asking questions that I hadn't expected about what I wanted to do with myself and my career to make me really think about what I want to do long term.

Andrew Kindness, John Holland

My biggest takeaway is to regularly seek out opportunities for formal and informal career guidance from peers. It shouldn't just be when you "need" it. The regular check ins help to keep focus on what's important, where you're going and what's next. People will help if you ask, more often than not.

Annette Taylor, Acciona

This was the first time I had a mentor who really focussed on developing actions/goals and focussed on reviewing progress at each meeting. This enabled me to progressively work through actions and make achievements. I look forward to applying this structured mentoring approach in future mentoring relationships.

Rachel Bradshaw, TSA Management

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