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Help drive change in your industry

Help drive change in your industry. ​​ We partner with members and industry to transform the latest expertise and leading thinking into frameworks and tools that achieve impact and change. We bring stakeholders together to better understand emerging sustainability issues facing infrastructure and the community, and work together to deliver social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits for current and future generations.

Our focus areas



Working to drive climate action, regenerate our ecosystems and transition to a circular economy.

public Park infrastructure, night lighting


Enabling communities to thrive as they go through structural change and transition, ensuring wellbeing for current and future generations.



Measuring infrastructure’s socio-economic value so that we can better deliver inclusive, resilient, and sustainable livelihoods and economies.



Collaborating to build a world-class industry with a healthy, inclusive workforce; responsible agile supply chain; and sustainable, relevant investment and governance.

ISC Coalitions

ISC Member Coalitions bring the best and brightest minds from industry together on addressing some of the biggest and more important issues of our time. Our collective learning must be inclusive, dynamic, complimentary and focus on the acceleration of systems-level change.

Download our Coalition Catalogue to explore the range of coalitions. If you are interested in participating in one of our member coalitions please get in touch with our team.


Research and Impact Project Partner

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council partners with many organisations to help progress knowledge, and understand and deliver impact across our key areas of focus (listed above).

If you have an idea or opportunity or would like to get involved in one of our projects, please get in touch with our team

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IS Impact Notes

While environmental, social, economic and governance outcomes lie within organisational sight-lines, impact is an additional perspective on change that explores how organisational activities are experienced in the long term by the planet, by people and through prosperity. Impacts are the changes that quadruple bottom line outcomes are designed to facilitate.

The IS Impact Notes will explore specific sustainability issues and outline potential pathways to generate impact with the IS Rating Scheme: applying credits in IS Technical Manual, Sustainable procurement approaches and driving positive action through policy.

There are opportunities for our members to collaborate in the development of the IS Impact Notes. Get in touch for more information.

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Help drive change in your industry