ISC Technical Governance framework - ISCouncil


The Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) has continuous improvement and technical governance processes for the ongoing development of the IS Rating Scheme. These processes allow the ISC to respond transparently and consistently to stakeholders engaged in projects and/or the ongoing development of the IS Rating Scheme and Tools.

Learning Approach

The use of market testing and feedback to develop products iteratively and efficiently is broadly accepted as a best practice approach to ensure a product satisfies its market’s needs. The Learning and Analytics Loop overviews the steps in our continuous improvement process: receive and triage feedback, analyse relevant data, prioritise the ISC’s responses and efforts, and allow a transparent and timely response to scheme users and stakeholders.

The Learning and Analytics Loop aligns with the ISC values of being collaborative, dynamic and responsible. We track time taken to respond to and close out feedback as a key performance metric.



To ensure our technical governance process operates efficiently, the ISC refines its internal processes, for example having clear delegations of authority in place to manage risks, aligns with ISEAL processes, and remains as responsive as possible to market feedback. The following pages describe the detailed process for technical governance and managing continuous improvement.

Technical Governance Framework: Internal process overview, feedback pathways & delegations of authority

Definitions: Feedback Process

The following table outlines the definitions for categorising Table 1, outlines the definitions for categorising feedback. These definitions help determine the appropriate pathway and subsequent delegations of authority as shown in the Technical Governance Framework Diagram.

Definitions: Groups and Stakeholders

The following table includes definitions on the internal and external stakeholders included in the Technical Governance Framework diagram.

Last updated: November 2022