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IS for Professionals Pathways

A flexible learning pathway to ISAP accreditation for the implementation and assessment of the IS Rating Scheme.

Each IS for Professionals pathway comprises of Core and Standard coursesall of which lead to ISAP accreditation.​

The IS for Professionals pathway to ISAP accreditation in Design and As Built rating scheme is described below.​

1. CORE Courses​

Core courses are mandatory courses and must be completed as prerequisites to Standard modules.

2. STANDARD Courses 

Standard courses are short courses that build on theory and provide opportunity for application and deep dives into a specific rating tools.

  • IS Planning
  • IS v1.2 Design & As Built
  • IS Design & As Built including Essentials (previously ISv2.1 D&AB Accreditation)
  • IS for Operations

Note: IS Essentials can be completed as a stand-alone training for those who have previously completed Design & As Built.

​​​​3. ISAP accreditation

ISAP accreditation is obtained through the successful completion of the ISAP exam.
The exam covers the key components of undertaking an IS Rating.

  • ISAP exam

4. ISAP renewal

  • To maintain ISAP accreditation, you are required to successfully complete annual reaccreditation.
  • Accreditation in the assessment of the IS rating scheme is a transferable skill set and can be taken with you as move through your career.
  • The renewal exam covers rulings from the 12 months prior and re-assessing your comprehension of the ISAP resources.
  • Maintaining accreditation is the responsibility of the individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

This person is a current ISAP.

Prior to August 2021, the only ISAP accreditation available was IS v1.2

To become accredited in both IS v1.2 and IS v2.1 this person needs to complete IS v2.1 Accreditation only.

You must first complete the CORE IS Rating Skills course. 

Then, depending on which version of the Rating Scheme is being undertaken by your organisation, complete the associated STANDARD accreditation course.

You must first complete the CORE IS Rating Skills course. 

You can choose to complete one or both accreditation courses.

IS v2.1 D&AB is the newest version of the scheme, stretching outcomes for industry and aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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