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Xypex Australia is a leading construction materials supplier with a focus on providing sustainable solutions for concrete infrastructure across all sectors of the construction industry. Our vision is to support and drive environmental awareness in all that we do, ensuring that our business practices provide sustainable solutions for the world and its communities through durable and longer lasting concrete infrastructure. Xypex produces a wide range of protection and remediation solutions for both new and existing concrete assets across the civil infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Xypex Crystalline Technology has been established in Canada since 1969 and in Australia, with the one owner, Xypex Australia, for over thirty years. Xypex is a proud Australian manufacturer and services both Australia and New Zealand. Our brand of ‘No Equal’ is an extension of our already well known Xypex brand that embodies the commitment we have to high performance systems in concrete. No Equal in service and No Equal in technology. By investing in your concrete durability and protection from inception, or recognising the social, environmental and economic benefits in your remediation needs, investing in a solution that stands by its commitment to longer lasting concrete structures is crucial in the industry-wide focus on delivering more sustainable construction. We are looking to collaborate with like-minded organisations to deliver best practice, sustainable infrastructure to meet and exceed the needs of future generations.