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North East Link Tunnels – Design

Project Details

  • Project Owner: North East Link Program
  • Rating Type: Design
  • Registered Date: December 2022
  • Completion Date: July , 2024
  • Location: VIC
  • Assessor Name: Rachael Lee
  • Stakeholders: Spark NEL D&C Consortium


Sustainability for the North East Link Program means moving beyond just a 'business as usual' approach to one in which we actively seek to maximise long term benefits for the environment, our communities and our economic prosperity. To ensure we leave a positive legacy, the North East Link Program uses sustainability rating schemes to set benchmarks and track and report performance.

Render (1) Southern Land Bridge;
Render (2) Greensborough boulevard;
Render (3) Manningham wetlands (Wurundjeri Cultural Landscape);

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