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Business Case, Options Assessment and Benefits Realisation


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Significant resources are used on infrastructure projects and can have direct and indirect impact on the wider economy and community. GHD can provide the formal assessment and evaluation of environmental, social and economic aspects in order to have a holistic, informed decision making process consistent with the ISCA Planning Phase requirements . Our strategic approach to options assessment can contribute to understanding project risks and requirements and analyse net distributional impacts and benefits. This is essential to appropriate consideration of wide spread impacts and measuring actual performance at a later time. Through formal assessment methods, including Cost-Benefit Analysis, Rapid Cost-Benefit Analysis and Multi-Criteria Assessments, GHD is able to identify externalities to your project and provide evaluation of the most appropriate asset options.

Sustainability Outcomes

GHD Advisory provides business cases in accordance with Infrastructure Australia and all State Government templates. Our business cases identify the most appropriate infrastructure solution and support the realisation of benefits beyond the forecast outcomes. Our services are offered across rail, road, aviation, ports, dams, water supply and waste water, defence and tourism projects.

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