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Resource Modelling and Life Cycle Assessment


  • Product Type Consultancy, Environmental / Sustainability Labelling, Life Cycle Assessment & EPD Development
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GHD can provide comprehensive resource modelling and reporting, seeking to identify whole of life material resources. We work closely with clients to extract important information regarding project estimates for energy, water and materials which gives us the inputs necessary for resource modelling. We also offer services around waste as a resource, ensuring that waste minimisation is considered on your project. Sustainability management and assessment services can be provided at every stage of the project life cycle. This can be undertaken for energy and water consumption, material usage and greenhouse gas emissions across the life cycle of the project. Where considered appropriate, GHD can undertake feasibility assessments on renewable energy sources that could work to reduce energy consumption on the job.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using GHD to provide resource modelling and life cycle assessment will support your project in managing and reducing resource impacts in design. We can tailor our service to seamlessly fit the needs of your project and provide ongoing support throughout the design, construction and operation of the project. With our extensive experience in producing energy and carbon reports, we can assist you in achieving positive outcomes. Gaining an upfront understanding of your projects largest carbon emitters in resources will determine where effort and money should be invested to get the maximum outcomes. Our approach will simplify project scenarios and options, making it easier to identify the most appropriate design for the whole life cycle of the project. GHD has access to a number of technical specialists who have experience working on major infrastructure projects and can assist in the estimations of resources for your project and can help in identifying practical solution to improving outcomes in the resource area.

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