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BarChip R-Series Macro Synthetic Fibres for Concrete (BarChip R65 & BarChip R50)


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Inn-1 , Mat-1 , Mat-2
IS v2.1 Inn-1 , Rso-6 , Rso-7


BarChip R-series macro synthetic fibres (both BarChip R65 & BarChip R50) are made using a blend of recycled, repurposed, and virgin polypropylene and are used to replace conventional steel reinforcement or steel fibres in concrete and shotcrete applications. These include, residential, industrial and road pavements, track slabs, shotcrete (used as slope stabilisation or ground support in underground excavations) and other applications. BarChip R-series fibre are high-performance macro synthetic fibre providing a sustainable solution for concrete reinforcement. BarChip R-series conforms to EN14889-2, ASTM C1116, VicRoads Section 703 and are both approved products on the Queensland TMR Product Index for Bridges and Other Structures. BarChip Australia also provides full support for the use of the BarChip R-series macro synthetic fibres including assistance with mix design, application, structural design and quality control guidance.

Sustainability Outcomes

BarChip R-series fibres have an EPD certified to IS 14025 and EN 15804, meaning you may receive points in ISv2.1 or ISv2.0 Rso-7, or ISv1.2 Mat-2 when using them on your project.
BarChip R-series fibres offer a significant reduction in the embodied carbon of concrete structures when used as an alternative to conventional steel mesh or steel fibre reinforcement. This may assist you in obtaining points in ISv2.1 or ISv2.0 Rso-6, or ISv1.2 Mat-1 and depending on the application, for example, if it is a local, state or national first, may also assist in securing points in ISv2.1, ISv2.0 or ISv1.2 Inn-1.
BarChip R-series fibres are also included in the Infrastructure Sustainability Materials Calculator so that EPD data can be readily accessed and utilised on a project’s ISv2.1, ISv2.0 or ISv1.2 Materials Assessments for credit Mat-1 (ISv1.2) and Rso-6 (ISv2.0 and ISv2.1).

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