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ColorCote – Pre-painted metal substrates for use in roofing and cladding


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Mat-1 , Mat-2 , Pro-1 , Pro-2


At Pacific Coilcoaters we place a major focus on caring for the environment. We are proud to incorporate sustainability into our everyday business practices. Using metal for roofing and cladding provides longlasting, durable, and recyclable energy-efficient products. Our job includes making sure that we look after the environment while producing these materials. Preparing metal substrate for painting uses an immense amount of water. The metal substrate is pre-cleaned and rinsed, and then cooled once it leaves the oven. In 2015, this process used about 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water per month. A major engineering project in 2017 focused on improvements to reticulation.

The result?
Continuous improvements meant that by 2018, our water usage had decreased to approximately one half of an Olympic sized swimming pool per month, yielding massive water savings and reduction in expense. Furthermore, the decrease in water usage means that we now have the ability to look to source all the water needed through rain water harvesting, putting us on track to becoming completely water self-sufficient. This is just one example of the steps we consistently take in assessing our products and procedures from an environmental standpoint. An ongoing commitment to the environment is reflected in continuous improvements to systems and sustainability.

Sustainability Outcomes

We’ve developed a unique three-tier range of pre-painted steel and aluminium roofing and cladding products to suit all New Zealand conditions. AlumiGard, MagnaFlow and ZinaCore are all guaranteed for use in specific atmospheric environments. Our ColorCote products have an EPD developed in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 which may help your project achieve points under ISv1.2 Mat-2 and ISv2.0 Rso-7. In addition, our EPD data has been included in the ISv2.0 Materials Calculator meaning when you use our product on your project, you can select the appropriate ColorCote product within the calculator. Because we incorporate sustainability into our everyday practices, our products may also help you lower the environmental impact of the materials used on your project when compared to a base case (ISv1.2 Mat-1 and ISv2.0 Rso-6).

In addition, our sustainability credentials may support your project/asset in achieving the procurement credits (ISv1.2 Pro-2 and ISv2.0 Spr-2, Spr-3).

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