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Construction Shelter Solutions


  • Product Type Construction Services, Plant and Equipment
  • Regions Australia, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia



  • Company Name Allshelter Pty Ltd
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Ene-1 , Inn-1 , Mat-1 , Was-1 , Was-3


We provide a variety of shelter options for major construction, infrastructure & waste management projects. Typical uses for fabric & container shelters include machinery & equipment storage, machinery maintenance workshops, site assembly areas, soil remediation, storage for site supplies, waste sorting areas, stockpile covers, pre-cast facility shed, and even on-site manufacturing & assembly. Allshelter Fabric Shelters are both a temporary or permanent solution, and provide an option that can be quickly and easily relocated or expanded upon, making them ideal for construction companies that need to stay mobile. Due to the temporary nature of Allshelter Fabric Shelters, they generally require no council approvals, and this, combined with the minimal required maintenance creates a low cost, maintenance-free shelter solution.

Sustainability Outcomes

Allshelter has perfected the arch design so well that the tension fabric structures can weigh up to 50% less than other conventional structures and yet still have the equivalent strength. Not only can Allshelter tension fabric be used as an effective roofing material for large spans, its lightweight nature, translucent and reflective properties, and environmental adaptability can also be taken advantage of in all types of construction. The steel frames of our shelter solution products are 100% recyclable and is packaged in a compact kit form which helps reduce transport carbon footprint. The fabric tensioned cover is also 100% environmentally adaptable and is energy efficient. The semi-translucent material of the fabric allows ample daylighting. Blockout and semi-blockout fabrics are also available to allow for extra shading and cooling. Our shelter solutions can contribute to your IS project towards the achievement of energy, materials and waste credits in ISv1.2 and ISv2.0.