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Infrastructure Sustainability Advisory, IS Rating Management and Independent Auditor Services


  • Product Type Consultancy, Independent Sustainability Professionals, IS Rating Management
  • Regions New Zealand



  • Company Name WSP
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WSP is one of the leading engineering professional services consulting firms, with a multi-sector sustainability team of over 50 sustainability professionals operating across Australia and New Zealand. We support our clients’ projects in the preparation of sustainability strategies, integration of sustainability into project delivery, and managing the effective implementation of the full suite of IS Rating Tools. Our team includes over 15 Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISAP) across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. When acting as the IS Assessor, we coordinate and submit all evidence and documentation required to complete the self-assessment, and also have qualified sustainability auditors who can act as the project Independent Sustainability Professional (ISP).

As part of our IS implementation service, we provide a range of advisory and technical analysis services, including:
 EIS/EES sustainability considerations and technical reports
 Sustainable procurement, supply chain development, workforce development
 Climate change and resilience risk assessment and adaptation plans
 Resource efficiency modelling, carbon foot-printing and life cycle assessment (energy and carbon, materials, water and waste)
 Whole of life cost analysis.
 Green infrastructure and water sensitive urban design (WSUD).
 Renewable energy and battery storage feasibility, detailed design and procurement options
 Computational Fluid Dynamic modelling (passenger comfort and wind assessments)

Sustainability Outcomes

Our multidisciplinary team work across sectors to deliver holistic sustainability outcomes through all phases of the infrastructure life cycle, from planning and business case development, through to concept design, delivery, handover and operations. Our approach is to effectively coordinate and knit together the cross disciplinary teams, to understand sustainability requirements and what success looks like on infrastructure projects. We work to deliver practical advice and tracking systems that are integrated into the time-honoured, design, procurement, delivery and operational processes. We support clients and stakeholders, by developing and strengthening their sustainability goals and aspirations, through independent benchmarking with the IS Rating Tool, aimed at enhancing value for money and resolving whole of life impacts that respect financial, environmental and social outcomes.