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Resource Use Reduction


  • Product Type Consultancy, Engineering Services, Environmental Management Services



  • Company Name Arup
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Ene-1 , Ene-2 , Mat-1 , Mat-2 , Wat-1 , Wat-2


Arup has extensive experience developing base cases for the using resources credits, including materials, energy and water assessments.

Sustainability Outcomes

Our capabilities include developing carbon emission and energy models, auditing and monitoring of data and producing associated reports. We can undertake the renewable energy opportunity assessment and modelling required under the renewable energy credit (Ene-2). Arup’s ISAPs are well versed in the use of ISCA’s materials calculator and have delivered improvements using innovative and Australian first materials. Arup’s sustainability capacity is embedded in our services, from our flooding teams to our structural engineers. This allows to embed sustainability into our projects, working closely with the design team throughout the ISCA process to seize opportunities and savings.

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