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Sustainability Assessment and Management


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  • Company Name Arup
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Man-1 , Man-2 , Man-3 , Man-4 , Man-5 , Man-6 , Man-7 , Pro-1 , Pro-2 , Pro-3 , Pro-4 , Sta-1 , Sta-2 , Sta-3 , Sta-4 , Urb-1 , Was-2


Arup provides Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISAP) to develop, manage and undertake sustainability assessments: program level and project-specific strategies, plans and/or targets, as well as managing entire Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) submissions. Our ISAPS have experience in applying the IS rating tool on a spectrum of projects, including large scale water and transport projects.

Sustainability Outcomes

Arup delivers full technical design services for infrastructure projects. We have been successful in attaining ‘Excellent’ Design Ratings for our clients, working in collaboration with designers to achieve the best outcomes for the quadruple bottom line. Our team combines technical skills in energy, waste, carbon, environment and health with commercial skills in business case and financial assessment, placing our sustainability advice firmly in a business and economic context. This range of skills and contextual understanding allow us to provide integrated, evidence-based solutions to complex problems while realising sustainability opportunities for projects.

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