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Resilience and Climate Change Risk Assessment


  • Product Type Consultancy, Engineering Services, Environmental Management Services



  • Company Name Arup
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Cli-1 , Cli-2


Arup has extensive experience undertaking climate change risk assessments for built assets, identifying risks and selecting treatments in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Arup addresses the requirements of the Resilience (Res 1) credit through assessing impacts, inter-dependencies and treatment options with key stakeholders. Arup provides full technical design services for infrastructure projects.

Sustainability Outcomes

In addition to building resilience across the infrastructure and built environment components of a city, exploring associated impacts on the community and its ability to respond in the face of change will be critical. In recognising the multitude of complex and interconnected components that make up our cities, we draw on a range of disciplines to develop solutions that enable our cities to prepare, adapt and respond to these challenges.

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