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Resource Use Tool


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Ene-2 , Mat-1 , Mat-2 , Was-1 , Was-2 , Was-3 , Wat-1 , Wat-2


Use our simple and transparent Resource Use Tool to manage all your resource use (energy, materials, water and waste) modelling and monitoring.

Organisations often say they are reducing resource use impacts but have a hard time contextualising their wins. Well what we do at Perspektiv is support organisations to take an ordered approach to their many data inputs, and process them to produce a single, reliable and coherent model.

In fact the application of our Resource Use Tool on the WestConnex M4 East Project helped the project:
– compare energy, material, water and waste in a single place;
– compare construction and operational impacts side by side;
– identify their most significant wins;
– clearly explain and support their wins;
– provide a robust evidence item for 8 IS Rating credits;
– demonstrate 18% lifecycle energy savings;
– demonstrate 25% material lifecycle impacts;
– demonstrate 97% waste diversion; and
– demonstrate 38% lifecycle water savings.

Having been involved in over 20 individual IS Ratings (good, average and bad ones) and with an inhouse IS Rating Verifier and Trainer we have distilled our knowledge to develop a Resource Use Tool that increases your effectiveness and saves time for everybody.

Meaning you can worry less about the admin, and more about the outcomes.

Together we will find a better way.

Get in touch to arrange a free Resource Use consultation for your project, tender or asset.

Sustainability Outcomes

IS ratings done well are a great investment. IS ratings done poorly are an expense.

Make your IS rating a great one by using our Resource Use Tool to plan, track and record your resource use effort and:
– reduce your staff overheads;
– understand your biggest impacts and wins;
– focus on what matters;
– document environmental benefits using accepted inventories and methods; and
– simultaneously understand cost benefits.

Get in touch to arrange a free Resource Use consultation for your project, tender or asset.

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