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Subsurface Utility Mapping or Underground Service Location & Utility Design


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  • Company Name Patriot Environmental Management
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Lan-1 , Pro-2


Patriot Environmental Management is on a mission to create zero waste sites in the construction and infrastructure industry. Patriot’s vision is to be a leading provider of environmental management solutions in Australia. They offer a range of services from treatment and transport of all liquid waste, industrial services and total waste management for both liquid and solid waste streams.

Patriot strives to be “First Choice- best value”. This means being safe, environmentally responsible, operationally excellent, innovative and having the best underlying systems, procedures and team. Patriot is committed to continual improvements involving the business systems, equipment, processes and personnel.

Patriot has the necessary skills, capability and organisational depth to deliver safe, productive and value-added environmental solutions to your project large or small.

Sustainability Outcomes

During the Design phase, before construction begins, Patriot Environmental Management can provide the subsurface information your design team needs for a viable and realistic design.

Patriot has formed a strategic partnership with Utility Mapping to provide expert underground location and utility design solutions. By applying geophysical techniques and technology to capture, interpret and present subsurface information through high-quality GIS products and reporting tools, Patriot can assist with both large and small projects.

Using an array of geophysical equipment and techniques, Patriot’s field surveyors accurately position all underground utilities, anomalies and structures located, allowing for easy integration onto topographical survey data. Utility surveys include Pipes, Cables, Cellars, Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Buried Structures.

Utility Surveys are conducted to Australian Standard 5488 Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) enabling better outcomes through any stage of design or construction from:
– Desktop record searches (Quality Level D)
– Topographical surveys (Quality Level C)
– Utility detection & mapping (Quality Level B)
– Vacuum excavation / Potholing (Quality Level A)

From a single point of contact, Patriot’s Land Surveyor will plan and execute the Utility Detection, Survey, Vacuum Excavation and CAD Modelling. In addition, Patriot ensures the data collected is managed from a single source that can either be based in your project or office to enable your engineers and designers to obtain information on hand.

Patriot’s Subsurface Utility Mapping service may assist your project to achieve credit points in the procurement category. The detailed subsurface report may also contribute to credit V1.2 Lan-1 with identifying what areas of the land were previously used or disturbed.

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