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Zero Waste Sites – Circular Economy


  • Product Type Waste Management and Recycling
  • Regions Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria



  • Company Name Patriot Environmental Management
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Inn-1 , Lan-3 , Mat-1 , Pro-1 , Pro-2 , Pro-3 , Pro-4 , Was-1 , Was-2


Patriot Environmental Management is on a mission to create zero waste sites in the construction and infrastructure industry. Patriot’s vision is to be a leading provider of environmental management solutions in Australia. Patriot offers a range of services from treatment and transport of all liquid waste, industrial services and total waste management for both liquid and solid waste streams.

Patriot prides itself on its constant improvement of sustainable practices. Patriot offers full-cycle environmental solutions that revolve around providing a cost-effective solution while eliminating a compromise in quality for their growing client base. This is all done while adhering to strict regulatory guidelines of waste elimination and re-use principles.

Patriot utilises the skills of internal and external technical experts to deliver services in a number of critical areas:
– On-site treatment and transport of fluids, muds and water
– Dredge spoil and contaminated soil management

Patriot has adopted an Environmental Management Plan to underpin all their activities. An integrated quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system, guaranteeing the highest level of commitment in delivering your total waste management solutions.

Patriot has the necessary skills, capability and organisational depth to deliver safe, productive and value added environmental waste management solutions to your project large or small.

Sustainability Outcomes

Patriot Environmental Management offers a unique and innovative way to implement circular economy principles to your next construction and infrastructure project with their Zero Waste Sites service.
Patriot’s patented service provides an efficient method for the redistribution of repurposed materials to the field when required.

Patriot Environmental’s Vacuum Trucks collect hydro excavation mud, tunnel slurry, drill mud and all other liquid wastes on-site. Waste is consolidated and stored on-site at Patriot Environmental Management Transfer Stations. This increases productivity by reducing the need to transfer to and from the Treatment Facility.

Using specialised equipment, waste goes through an extensive filtration process, leaving raw materials that can be redistributed on-site, and the water collected can be re-used for dust suppression or equipment cleaning. By implementing this circular approach to construction and infrastructure waste, Patriot can divert waste going to landfill and achieving more sustainable outcomes for the project.

By partnering with Patriot Environmental Management for recycling and waste management services you may be able to achieve Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Procurement as well as Innovation credits under ISv2.0 and Waste, Land, Materials and Discharge credits under ISv1.2 as well as credits in the Innovation category.

Here are few examples of how we can help you achieve and fulfill some of the IS credit requirements:
– For Rso-1/Was-1, Patriot can work with your project to identify and implement resource efficiency solutions to include in your project’s Resource Efficiency Strategy or Waste Management Plans.
– For Rso-4/Was-2, Patriot can work with your project to develop innovative solutions for resource output including recovery solutions that divert waste away from landfill for beneficial re-use. Patriot can work with your project to achieve maximum diversion rates from landfill and provide evidence for this credit via waste data reporting.

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