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Tonkin + Taylor Group is an employee-owned firm providing environmental and engineering services through four operating companies across New Zealand and Australia.

Our consulting companies, Tonkin + Taylor New Zealand and Tonkin + Taylor Australia, delivering services that span expertise from geotechnical, environmental, infrastructure, planning, digital, and advisory.

Our testing companies, Geotechnics and Chadwick Geotechnics, provide a suite of testing and monitoring services, as well as equipment supply, hire and calibration, to the geotechnical, environmental, and civil engineering industries. We work primarily in New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific, and globally as a member of Inogen Alliance.

At Tonkin + Taylor, we believe that people are key to building a sustainable future and we work with our partners and clients who play a crucial role in delivering essential services and functions to communities. Through this work, we contribute to the accessibility of safe drinking water, transportation options, homes, waste + recycling resources and protection from natural hazards for communities. We help industry operate safely and support the safe and effective management of waste and resources. We aim to support our local and global communities to be safe, well, and with the means and support to achieve their aspirations.

As part of the wide range of services we provide, our teams also deliver specialist sustainability services – directly supporting our clients to achieve more sustainable outcomes. Drawing on principles of valuing indigenous knowledge, communities as the ultimate stakeholders and prioritising outcomes for the natural environment, we offer a full range of sustainability services covering deep technical areas such as ecology and water, risk, management, and strategic advisory services.