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IS v2.1 (Design & As-Built) Technical Manual Now Available

The IS v2.1 Technical Manual is now available to all ISAPs. ISCA owns all copyright in the components of the IS Rating Scheme (including, but not limited to, the IS Technical Manuals).

Accordingly, no-one may use any component of the IS Rating Scheme (including in the provision of consultancy services), unless such usage is in the context of undertaking an IS Rating pursuant to an ISCA Rating Agreement [to which that person is a party] OR it falls into one of the following categories:

  • It is used by an ISCA Member to determine the potential suitability of the rating tool for their organisation or specific projects; (Preliminary Assessment);
  • It is used by an ISCA Member to map and build internal competency/capability systems and processes around sustainable outcomes in sustainability for their organisation (Organisational Capability Building);
  • It is used by an ISCA Member to assess the performance of work being undertaken and express permission recorded in writing has been granted irrespective of whether achievement of the outcomes and impacts specified in the manual is a contractual requirement or not) (Performance Assessment);

Where express permission is granted (which is not ISCA’s preference) all learnings, data and innovation shall – as a condition of permission – be provided back free of charge to the community of practice and ISCA reserves the right to charge a licence fee or other payment or in-kind contribution

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Regency Road to Pym Street Project (R2P Project, Adelaide, South Australia) Case Study - IS v2.0

The IS rating scheme (IS v 2.0 Design & As-Built) has inspired the R2P Alliance to move beyond ‘business as usual’ and include sustainability criteria in all significant decisions. The result has been new ways of working that are bringing strong economic, environmental and social outcomes.

For more information on this project and to read the case study, click below.


IS v2.1 Welcome Pack

IS v2.1 (Design & As-Built) brings together world best practice for designing and building sustainable horizontal infrastructure. Please download a copy of our IS v2.1 Welcome Pack, to learn more about the Technical Manual, what’s new and why, how the updated rating scheme improves on current schemes, and how industry will transition in coming years. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and this pack explains the support available to you.

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