IS Technical Working Groups

Launching our new technical working groups

We are excited to launch our Technical Working Groups to the industry.

As a valued member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council you are invited to join one of our Technical Working Groups to help drive positive outcomes in the infrastructure market and to support the continuous improvement of the ISC Rating Schemes.

There are 6 separate Technical Working Groups that allow members to help shape the future of sustainability in Infrastructure as a part of the IS Council’s Strategic Plan; these include:

  • Proponent Group
  • IS Planning Scheme Group
  • IS Design and As-Built Scheme Group
  • IS Essentials Scheme Group
  • IS Operation Scheme Group
  • IS Sustainable Materials Group

Please see the Terms of Reference for each of these groups below.

Terms of Reference

The ISC will respond to all applicants regarding our member selection by the end of November 2021, with the newly formulated TWGs scheduled to kick off in January 2022.

For more information on our Technical Working Groups, please contact Tyrel Momberg via email at

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