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MRPV – Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: VIC
  • Stakeholders:

This project by Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) has registered for a Design and As Built  v1.2 IS Rating.


The Monash Freeway is amongst the busiest in Victoria, connecting Melbourne’s CBD to the rapidly growing south east suburbs. Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV), in collaboration with CPB Contractors, are working to ease traffic congestion and improve road safety by adding extra lanes and other upgrades long the freeway.
The Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2 (MFU2) also includes upgrades to O’Shea Road. The full scope of works will entail the following:

  • adding 36kms of new lanes on the Monash and Princes Freeways, between:
    • Warrigal Road and EastLink outbound
    • EastLink to Springvale Road inbound
    • Clyde Road to Cardinia Road, in both directions.
  • connecting Police Road to the freeway with an outbound on-ramp
  • connecting the Jacksons Road outbound ramps directly to EastLink with a separate road
  • installing smart, on-road technology across the project, including extending the lane-use management system from the South Gippsland Freeway to Beaconsfield interchange
  • upgrading O’Shea Road to three lanes in each direction between Clyde Road and Soldiers Road
  • extending O’Shea Road to join the Beaconsfield interchange – we’ll also upgrade the interchange by adding an inbound freeway off-ramp and an outbound freeway on-ramp
  • building a shared walking and cycling path along O’Shea Road between Clyde Road, Berwick and the Princes Highway, Beaconsfield


  • Rating Type Road
  • Jurisdiction Australia
  • States VIC
  • Assessor Simon Hooper / Julia Nicolas
  • Capital Value $761 million

Rating Highlights

MRPV are committed to achieving long-term sustainability outcomes when managing the road network and influencing road users. MRPV aim to protect our cultural and environmental heritage, build capacity to meet significant emission reduction targets and reduce our organisational footprint.

MPRV are committed to achieving an IS Rating for the MFU2 Project as we recognised the value of formally evaluating sustainability management performance across the design, construction and operational phases of all infrastructure development.


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