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Project Details

  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: NSW

This project by has achieved a 'Leading' As Design v1 IS Rating.


Due for completion in 2019, the $2.6 billion NorthConnex Project is a nine kilometre, twin-tunnel, motorway linking the M1 Pacific Motorway to the Hills M2 Motorway. NorthConnex will be the longest road tunnel project in Australia and once completed, will remove around 5,000 trucks off Pennant Hills Road each day.

NorthConnex has pushed sustainability boundaries through the use of the ISCA tool, to ensure that a positive legacy will be maintained once the project is completed. Key achievements (can we say achievements instead of priorities) include establishing a robust management and governance system and delivering creative and meaningful community engagement and establishing high standards of environmental protection. Creating a positive social and economic legacy through extensive community research and consultation has enabled the project secure highly beneficial outcomes for the local community and demonstrate industry leadership.

Other key achievements across the project include targeting reductions in total transport distances for movement of over 2.5 million cubic metres of spoil, water recycling and reduction in total carbon output.



For information on this project, visit the Northconnex website.

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