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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The ISv2.0 Technical Manuals Are Now Available

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) latest innovation of the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme, IS version 2.0 (ISv2.0), was released today.

All of the Technical Manuals and downloadables needed to undertake an ISv2.0 rating are in the Tools & Resources section of the ISCA website, available to IS Accredited Professionals (ISAPs).

“The contribution and collaboration to develop this sustainability framework has not been experienced on this scale since the ISCA framework was first developed in 2012. More than 100 organisations contribute their time and resources. It truly has been developed for industry, by industry,” said architect of ISv2.0 Nicole Boyd.

“This is a step change for the industry as the benchmark for sustainability performance has shifted what once was considered innovative is now becoming business as usual,” said Nicole.

Although, only launched today, ISCA has received two registrations for Australia’s first IS planning rating, with Main Roads WA and Westport in WA signed up for the ISv2.0

“We’re committed to continuous improvement and we’re living by our values by acknowledging and responding to stakeholder feedback received since the launch of the IS rating tool.

Version 2.0 provides several advancements while maintaining the technical rigour which underpins V1.2. Key outcomes include:

    • Better alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    • Provide a comprehensive quadruple bottom line assessment
    • Broadening the assessment to include economic and social elements
    • Credits for each phase in the infrastructure lifecycle to clearly outline the requirements in each phase
    • A clearer layout of the technical manual
    • Eliminating any overtly onerous evidence collation and those credits with limited beneficial contribution
    • Improving accessibility for IS tool users

Since the sustainability performance framework was developed for infrastructure in 2012, the IS rating scheme has been deployed on more than $103billion worth of infrastructure spend across 86 projects in Australia and New Zealand. ISCA’s IS rating tool measures the impacts of these projects, which have collectively;

  • Avoided 18.7million tonnes of CO2-e; equivalent of powering the households of Brisbane for a year,
  • Reduced materials by 74%; which has equivalent environmental benefit of diverting all household waste of Dunedin for 2 years,
  • Avoided enough water to fill 67,000 Olympic swimming pools.

With special thanks to the ISv2.0 funders:

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