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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Eco-1 , Eco-2


Our team consists of highly skilled botanists, ecologists, environmental scientists, and microbiologists with extensive experience in the ecological and biodiversity sphere, from guidance and advisory services to on-ground field surveys and assessment. Our services include characterisation of receiving water environments and evaluation of impacts of infrastructure projects on ecological health and functioning of aquatic systems.

We have successfully delivered numerous projects in highly complex and sensitive ecologically locations and have expertise in natural and disturbed ecosystems, in arid, semi-arid, and temperate environments and in wetland, estuarine, riverine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Our expertise in systems ecology, plant physiology and nature-based systems also underpins our green infrastructure planning and delivery projects.

Relevant to the IS framework, our ecology and biodiversity team offers a broad range of services including:
– Vegetation and flora and fauna surveys
– Environmental / ecological Impact Assessments
– Biodiversity strategies and mapping, biodiversity management plans and biodiversity offset assessments
– Restoration and rehabilitation strategies and plans
– Wetland ecology assessments and restoration planning
– Developed completion criteria and plans for restoration and protection of biodiversity and geodiversity values
– Biodiversity enhancement & ecological corridor planning and restoration
– Baseline monitoring – collection, analysis and interpretation of water, plant, soil, and sediment data, habitat impact assessment

Sustainability Outcomes

Syrinx’s focus is always on the protection, repair and enhancement of natural systems as part of a holistic solution aimed at creating lasting resilience and minimising risks and the need for long-term intervention. Enhancement of ecological values via habitat restoration, biodiversity enhancement and/or improved connectivity is a major objective that we aim to achieve on all our projects.

Our work is founded in our deep understanding and experience with complex natural systems and our in-house collaboration with other disciplines, including environmental engineers, landscape architects and designers.

Our environmental and ecological services aim to support clients to achieve credits within the Environmental and Ecology category within ISv2.0 Env-1, Eco-1, Eco-2, ( ISv1.2 Dis-1, Eco-1, Eco-2). Work that we can provide in these categories also informs development of green infrastructure strategies, which are a requirement under ISv2.0 Gre-1.

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